Earlier this year, Chris Meyers, our Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement, and Sam Humble, our Lean Champion, attended the Iowa Lean Consortium (ILC) Kentucky Lean Tour.

Meyers and Humble joined 27 other people from 12 other companies on the three-day tour learning about lean best practices. They took part in leadership workshop sessions led by Mike Hoseus, Executive Director of the Center for Quality People and Organizations, and toured the Kentucky Toyota plant, Safran Landing systems, Hitachi Astemo, and the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

“The main goal of our attendance was to continue to build our knowledge of lean systems and how to apply them at Agri and also in large part to learn more about the Toyota Production System (a lean system) and how Toyota’s philosophy around lean has helped them grow into the large, efficient company they are today,” Meyers said.

Meyers and Humble attended the tour after the successes that came out of an earlier training with Hoseus at Pella Corp. Many of his recommendations have been incorporated at Agri-Industrial Plastics, and we’re excited to put the new ideas Meyers and Humble came back with from this tour into practice!