Agri-Industrial Plastic’s Sustainability Committee has launched two new initiatives so far this year, and they have announced several in progress that they hope to launch company-wide later this year.

New Sustainability Initiatives

New recycling bins and water fill stations at Agri-Industrial Plastics.Recycle Bins

The breakroom now has recycling bins for drinking bottles and cans, as well as paper. We ask all staff members to please pay attention to the bin labels when disposing of items. We will continue to evaluate and add new bins in additional locations around our facility.

Water Filling Stations

New water filling stations are being installed throughout the facility, replacing water fountains. The stations provide high-quality, filtered water and will help reduce the number of disposable water bottles used by our staff members. The next installation location will be by the 360 machine.

Initiatives in Process

  • Battery and lightbulb recycling for all employees
  • Fixing air leaks in the plant (50% complete)
  • Converting machines from DC to AC drives
  • Getting quotes on replacing the PVC air lines
  • Updating key customers (John Deere and Yamaha) on our actions
  • Joining the Fairfield Sustainability Committee

In addition, the Agri-Industrial Plastics Sustainability Committee is also researching future projects that could include:

  • Local farming options to supply fresh, local food to employees
  • Electric fork trucks
  • Evaluating recycled material options and bio-resins
  • Bio-degradable stretch wrap options

Working Together: Employee Actions

If you’d like to assist us in our efforts, these actions can help:

  • Turning off the equipment in your work area when not in use
  • Using the new water filling stations instead of individual plastic water bottles

If you have suggestions for sustainability projects, please reach out to any member of the committee: Lori Schaefer-Weaton, Doug Robison, Geoff Ward, Chris Meyers, Scott Roulet, Mick Stielow, Jason Ballard, and Josh Burgason.

Sustainability Policy

Discover the full picture of sustainability at Agri-Industrial Plastics by visiting our Environment & Safety page and reviewing our Sustainability Policy.