Agri-Industrial Plastics Co.’s new six-layer, continuous co-extrusion (coex) blow molding machine is officially up and running.

“We placed the order for our second KBSmart120 machine in October of 2016,” said Lori Schaefer-Weaton, president, Agri-Industrial. “The lead time from order to delivery is approximately one year. Our maintenance team got to work on the assembly and installation in the fall so the machine could be production-ready as we enter our busy season.“

The Kautex KBSmart120 machine will manufacture low-perm multilayer gas tanks, adding to the current production capabilities of Agri-Industrial’s existing KB240, KBSmart120 and KBSmart61 machines. The KBSMart120 utilizes a single clamp and robotic parison transfer to optimize production efficiencies. The tanks are comprised of two virgin layers, two adhesive layers, an EVOH barrier layer and a regrind layer, with the permeation levels exceeding both the current EPA and California Area Resources Board (CARB) standards for tanks in the small engine and marine markets.

“Our mission is to be the leading provider of innovative, high quality blow molded solutions,” Schaefer-Weaton explained. “The addition of this machine is just one example of how we are doing just that. We were one of the first non-automotive custom blow molders in the country to adopt a multi-layer technology solution to meet regulations set by the EPA, and our tanks continue to exceed both EPA and CARB standards. By adding this machine, we can continue to provide the highest quality technology available for this industry’s fuel tank capabilities.”

“Our strong relationships with our customers has been a huge driving force in our decision to expand production,” Schaefer-Weaton continued. “Their trust in our design, processing and engineering capabilities has allowed us to continue to grow in all aspects of our business, including our multi-layer production with this additional coex machine. Our continued investment in production capacity is a direct reflection of our customers’ success.”

Founded in 1978, Agri-Industrial Plastics Co. is a leading industrial blow molder of large parts including non-automotive fuel tanks for the recreational equipment, lawn and garden, agricultural and watercraft industries. Based in Fairfield Iowa, Agri-Industrial serve a diverse customer base and offer unparalleled expertise in part and mold design, engineering, part production and assembly. The company’s 340,000 square ft. manufacturing facility currently houses 20 mono-layer accumulator-head industrial blow molding machines and seven multi-layer continuous coex machines specifically for non-automotive fuel tank production.