Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion

Fuel Tanks from Agri-Industrial Plastics

Multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding is a proven technology developed over 20 years ago for the automotive industry.

The process creates a six-layer tank wall structure with an EVOH layer to minimize fuel vapor permeation.  Multi-layer construction ensures barrier performance for the service life of your vehicle.

Our continued investment in multi-layer co-extrusion capacity has positioned Agri-Industrial as the leading supplier to OEM’s in the turf equipment, power sports and marine industries.

Today we operate eight COEX machines producing tanks from 3 to 53 US gallon liquid fuel capacity.

  • Six Layer construction, polyethylene and EVOH
  • Meets low permeation exemption for CARB per 13 CCR Section 2766(a).
  • Meets design based certification requirements for EPA per 40 CFR 1060.240 (d)(1).
  • Temperature range
    • 160F (71C) continuous
    • 180F (82C) intermittent
  • Impact-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant

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